Monday, April 25, 2011

Eastern Comma Butterfly

Wow! My first butterfly photo of 2011. Its time to revive my butterfly blog isn't it! and I believe it is an Eastern Comma!, not a species that I am very familiar with.I find this sighting quite exciting! I had been driving down a woods road and kept seeing Mourning Cloak butterflies. A couple of times I got out of my car hoping I would see them alight or land, but I had no luck. But them I caught a glimpse of an orange butterfly that I thought had landed on some dried grass along the side of the road. So with my camera ready I got out of my car and walked to where the dried grass was, and oh, such luck, the butterfly arose from there and landed close by on the dirt road. I had a canon 300 mm lens on my camera and just zoomed in from where I was standing. Oh lucky day!!