Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mourning Cloak butterfly

finally I was able to get a picture of a Mourning Cloak butterfly! I have been trying to do this since April when I hadfirst started to see them on an old dirt road. Yesterday I had gone to a small pond hoping to see something to take a picture of when I saw something small and dark cross the road in front of my car, a dragonfly , maybe? I inched my car up to an approximate location when I had seen it enter the roadside bushes. Then I saw it! A beautiful Mourning Cloak draped on a small branch of a bush.
How delicate its ivory lacy edge looked and its beautiful blue spotson its black border were so lovely and distinct.

Our lilacs are in bloom now so I'm hoping to see a swallowtail butterfly feasted on its blossoms soon. I have seen two swallowtails over the past two days.
Have a great day everyone.!

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